MELEK IT is a journal published by Department of Informatics Engineering , Faculty of Engineering, University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya since 2012 with ISSN: 2252-9128 for print publication. In an effort to improve journal quality and agreement from the editors, a joint commitment to optimize the quality of the journal, so that at the beginning of 2015 it has obtained a pISSN: 2442-3386 for printed and eISSN: 2442-4293 for electronic journals. ISSN submission is accompanied by several improvements ranging from the editor's structure , the scope of writing, vision, and the overall rules and ethics of scientific publication, each issue are 10 articles. The journal publish between January-June and July-December, containing the paper raised from the results of research in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Editors invite all authors to submit manuscripts that have never been published in the media or other institutions with the format and rules as in the back of this journal.